For centuries warm baths and hot springs have been seen as medical miracles. From the fountain of youth, to the mineral baths of the ancient world that were hailed to cure all afflictions, everyone loves the feeling of a warm bath.

There is now significant evidence that exercise in warm water can be very beneficial for healing ailments of the musculoskeletal system. 

LifeCare Wembley Hydrotherapy provides:

  • Buoyancy, making walking and movement of injured limbs easier
  • An even compressive force to minimise swelling and improve mobility
  • Even resistance to movement
  • Warmth

Many of the conditions that Physiotherapists and other Allied Health Practitioners treat can greatly benefit from the use of Hydrotherapy, including injuries such as sprains and strains. Due to water buoyancy, walking and movement is easier in water than it is on land, and the hydrotherapy pool also provides an even compressive force around the joint to minimise swelling and improve mobility. This can lead to a much faster recovery, allowing you to return to work and play sooner.

An injured or painful back or neck will benefit enormously from the increased mobility encouraged in Hydrotherapy. Exercising in water helps to strengthen the muscle surrounding the painful or injured part, leading to quicker recovery or reduced risk of recurrence. 

Arthritis sufferers can benefit from the increased freedom of movement, as well as the heat and support afforded by warm water. Arthritic joints need movement, and because Hydrotherapy allows extra movement without pain, it can improve both the short and long term effects of arthritic joints, and improve your quality of life.

Pregnancy can cause back pain due to changes in weight and posture. Being able to exercise and strengthen the low back and abdominal muscles throughout pregnancy can minimise the likelihood of pain during and after the pregnancy.